About the Author

Hello, first of all, welcome to your visit.

I believe there must be something that has piqued your interest in this website, perhaps something related to photos, albums, or the concept of time and space.

I’m delighted to inform you that the creation of the product Time-Space Photos is specifically aimed at addressing these aspects.

It’s not an AI product; both images and text require your personal maintenance because it concerns the authenticity of the content and the personal experience of time and space.

My name is singhi, I am Chinese, and I have been engaged in software development for a decade. I have traveled extensively throughout China. I am not particularly successful, and success, in my view, means accumulating wealth that one can’t spend in a lifetime. I am quite ordinary and, compared to other Chinese software developers, I would consider myself a failure.

I have also been disenchanted with this job because I feel that the term “programmer” carries a derogatory meaning in the eyes of the Chinese. It implies being awkward, uninteresting, unromantic, and lacking a sense of life. While I don’t see these labels as positive, I had to enter this industry to make a living and engage in programming work.

In my view, programming is a very interesting thing, at least much more interesting than assembly line work. However, it also has some issues, such as limited interaction with people and fewer outdoor activities.

Currently, I have accepted the reality of being a “programmer,” and I don’t find it embarrassing.